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We are a group of professionals who are passionate about delivering quality services that help our customers grow.


Your Solution Providor

For over 15 years, Rackmounts Etc has been an industry leading provider of high quality, custom server and support solutions designed for ISP Professionals, Businesses, Universities, Governments, Gamers, and individuals alike who are looking for the highest quality systems available. From the smallest embedded web server to the largest blade server cluster, we will design, build, install and configure a custom server solution to fit your needs, no matter the scale.

Custom Server Rack


Rackmounts Etc is an industry-leading system provider specializing in some of the most challenging custom server solutions today. We not only offer completely customized systems from the industries most trusted brands like Supermicro and Dell, but also engineer server solutions from the ground up to meet client needs. From the smallest embedded micro server to the largest supercomputing blade clusters, we have you covered.


We provide an extensive array of software packages customized just for you. We will install and configure every aspect of your new server to meet your requirements, whether it be your favorite Linux distribution, Microsoft family product or RAID integration.


Rackmounts Etc provides an industry leading 3-year warranty standard for all systems, which includes technical support. Need more? No problem, ask us about options like: advanced 5-year replacement, full server management and even onsite support*.


Ordering from Rackmounts Etc is not like ordering from any other company. Between our innovative website and professional staff, we not only save you time but also reduce your cost significantly.

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Quick Service

We are here for you when it matters most! Whether you need to place an order, or simply need help answering a support question, our staff is here to help you. From orders to RMAs start saving your precious time by contacting us today!

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Highly Customizable

You have the ultimate control with us. Don't like having to settle for a pre-configured system from the other guys? Neither do we! We will work with you to ensure that your specific needs are met, even when it comes to designing custom hardware just for you.

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Expert Support

Have a technical question that needs answering? Our staff are not only experts in the field, but also experts at networking with other experts in order to provide you with the quick answers you need. Knowledge is our foundation and we would like to share that foundation with you!